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The Retro Stick | Game Stick 4K HD

The Retro Stick | Game Stick 4K HD

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Play a game or two like your granddaddies and grandmommies used to, The "back then we had.." way! Play some of the biggest hits even your great grandparents recognize from consoles like, "PS1", "N64", "SNES", "SEGA", Plus many more! Its portable mini-game stick allows connection to Ultra HD TVs/computers/monitors via HDMI, promises smooth 1080p-4K image quality, and is small enough that you can take it anywhere with ease. With your choice of 32GB of 3,000 And 64GB of 10,000 counted old titles that will definitely take you and a friend of choice on a small journey like your grandparents always exaggerate on.

Download Game Steps

Step 1:Download game fileStep 2:Connect the TF card to the computer with the card readerStep 3:Copy the game files to the corresponding folder(the name of the emulator)Step 4:Insert the card into the game console, connect the game console, and turn it onStep 5:Find your game and start playing(you can use the search function)

Package Include:

1 x Game Stick Console1 x Wireless receiver2 x Controller 1 x Charge cable1 x User manual1 x HD cableTF card

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